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Everything you need to know about nitrile gloves

Right now the personal protective equipment (PPE) industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors, and the reasons for this increase do not really need explaining. With increased demand for strong, durable and resilient nitrile gloves uk, we’ve been able to stock far more and distribute them to households and practices that need them – helping to keep people safe and protecting from virus danger.If you’ve stumbled upon our site, you may be wondering what are the benefits of nitrile gloves, and why are they so popular as personal protective clothing right now? What makes them advantageous over other glove types, eg. latex gloves? Well, that is exactly what we’ll answer in this article, and we hope our blog helps to answer some of your burning questions!s


Nitrile gloves are manufactured, distributed and sold for a wide range of reasons, and they are most commonly used by medical practices and institutions, laboratory environments, emergency services and mechanics. However, many normal people and professions make use of nitrile gloves in some form or another. For example, painters and plumbers are usually required to wear nitrile gloves to keep themselves protected and to keep their hands clean.

Nitrile gloves can be produced to medical grade standards or to industrial grade specifications. These vary and generally medical grades are most expensive but have stricter regulations – plus more rigorous testing and inspections to ensure quality and safety. Depending on what you’ll use nitrile gloves for, you’ll need your specific variety.

For medical practices

Hospitals are by far the largest consumer of nitrile gloves by a wide margin, and it’s not hard to see why. While latex gloves are a bit cheaper and can be manufactured much faster, they’re significantly less protective against harmful microbes and chemicals, and can also cause uncomfortable and painful latex allergic reactions.

Nitrile gloves are popular in medical environments because they fit very tightly to the shape of your hand, meaning there is no material slack to get in the way or obstruct you when you’re performing intricate tasks. 

For general purposes

In these times, protecting yourself against germs, most crucially the coronavirus, is of utmost priority, and many businesses and civilians need to purchase nitrile gloves to keep themselves safe. In millions of establishments all across the UK, staff are required to wear personal protective equipment. In these circumstances, whether it is industrial grade or medical grade nitrile gloves you wear doesn’t matter as much. 


Although nitrile gloves do have a higher price bracket than latex gloves because of their more complicated and safety ensured production processes, they’re still extremely affordable for both small and bulk purchases. They can be purchased in various different sizes, widths, shapes and colours. One of the key benefits of nitrile gloves is that they fit so well and allow you to perform intricate tasks or continue with your normal working day without any frustration. They allow you near unimpaired control of your hands, which cannot always be said for latex gloves. Practically any size of nitrile gloves will fit quite tightly by itself, but to completely remove any slack, it’s a good idea to pick the perfect size.

Colours are also important if you’re working in an autoshop, chemical environment, or generally any workplace where you need to be able to distinguish your hands from what you’re working on or notice if there is any fluid or residue on your hands. 

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