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Welcome to – experts in nitrile gloves and hand protection. Our focus is on providing the UK’s most comprehensive range of nitrile gloves to help you protect your hands. Our extensive range of nitrile gloves covers many handling applications, with task-specific nitrile gloves to ensure that the correct nitrile gloves protect your hands.

Nitrile gloves play a crucial part in the safe handling and can be a vital addition to your PPE (personal protective equipment). If you are looking to protect your hands in the workplace, we can help you with that. We provide you bulk wholesale nitrile gloves UK that will help you protect yourself from contamination and germs, and our premium nitrile gloves are just what you’re looking for.

Our primary focus is the disposable nitrile gloves that are suit different needs. It’s no surprise, and these disposable gloves are one of the most popular varieties of the glove in the marketplace.


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Made from quality synthetic rubber, these disposable gloves are ideal for anyone who suffers from a latex allergy or needs a tougher, more durable alternative to traditional disposable gloves. Molding to the shape of your hand to create a comfortable, tactile fit, they will provide protection both in and out of the workplace.

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As part of Dependable Source Ltd, Nitrile Gloves UK pride ourselves on sourcing the best wholesale nitrile gloves and PPE supplies from companies based in the UK and Europe. We can fulfil your order quickly and hassle-free – without compromising on price or quality.

Want to find out more? Speak to our team about our PPE solutions today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nitrile gloves UK is the best option for you to buy it cheaply at wholesale price. We also provide powder-free nitrile gloves, which gives you an excellent grip.

Yes, you can wash and reuse nitrile gloves only if it is the reusable type of gloves, please check if you have disposable nitrile gloves or reusable nitrile gloves.

Latex are also called rubber, a natural material derived from rubber tree sap. Nitrile gloves are a kind of synthetic rubber, which is synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is the primary material for organic synthesis and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Nitrile gloves can be used for many applications, the main purpose of the gloves sold on our website is for medical use and to protect your hands from bacteria and virus.

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